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To all queenofwok customers

Please read! We would like to thank everyone for the continuous support!

*To all our customers* PLEASE READ*

We would like to take this time to thank everyone for liking and following our facebook and instagram page allowing us to reach 700 on facebook and close to 700 on instagram!

Please continue to share and help us especially as we work towards recovering from this pandemic to bring you better food. Many of you have participated in our 500 followers giveaway and we want to give a even bigger one for our 1000 so just helping us do a simple task of sharing this post with your friends & family will help us a long way.

We deeply appreciate every single one of you for the continuous support and believe in our team in providing food to the best of our abilities. Here at eatwhampoakeng, we stand by the principal of people first. Our food and customer service (online/offline) are all being improved through the constant conversations with everyone to understand how we can work towards giving you a seamless experience. For example, our website is constantly changing to make sure we understand the best user experience for everyone. Secondly, a recent measure is the way we prepare our fish-steamboat for everyone. We separate based on the feedback of how the fish turns out and therefore we experimented and find that cooking it first and separating is the best option to keep the fish fresh and at optimal taste.

Please continue to support us and share this post and order through our website or call us at 90232854 to order.

from the team,

Queenofwok, Sharon

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Jasmine Lopez
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